Weekly Awesome
Weekly Awesome
Weekly podcasts to make your week better!

Welcome to Weekly Awesome!

Weekly podcasts to make your week better!


A podcast by a Blizzard fan-gnome about World of Warcraft & geeky stuff.

Recorded LIVE every Thursday. New episodes released every Monday!

Be Great TODAY

Weekly Inspiration To Start Your Week!

New episodes released every Sunday!

The Frazley Report

A short news report every Friday by The Awesome Gnome. Frazley Sparkspan delivers the latest news about the world of Azeroth. You can hear the latest report on both this feed and rebroadcasted on FrazlCast. If you like the show, feel free to rebroadcast in your podcast.

New episodes released every Friday!

The Awesome Gnome Letter

A newsletter about the World of Warcraft, FrazlCast and the awesome community that surrounds us. Each week is different, but will always have an encouraging message. Depending on my workload that week, I will try to add a reminder of new episodes of FrazlCast as well as other awesome things happening in the community.

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