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Producing Weekly Podcasts to Make Your Week Better!

We love to podcast! We have a passion for what we podcast about!! Our goal is to provide quality entertainment for you!

Weekly Podcasts

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Weekly Inspiration To Start Your Week!

New episode released every Sunday!

Raiding With Lisia

Hi, and welcome to Raiding with Lisia! I’m your host, Lisia (pronounced LEE-sha), and every week I and my lovely husband Ouro talk about raiding…and doing other things…in World of Warcraft…and life, really!

Join us on our crazy journey, and don’t forget to keep it unleashed!


A podcast by a Blizzard fan-gnome about World of Warcraft & geeky stuff.

Recorded LIVE every Thursday. New episode released every Monday!

The Frazley Report

A short news report every Friday by The Awesome Gnome. Frazley Sparkspan delivers the latest news about the world of Azeroth.

New episode released every Friday!

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The Awesome Gnome Letter

A newsletter about the World of Warcraft, FrazlCast and the awesome community that surrounds us. Each week is different, but will always have an encouraging message. Depending on my workload that week, I will try to add a reminder of new episodes of FrazlCast as well as other awesome things happening in the community.

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Biweekly Podcast

As We Move Forward

This is not a Weekly Awesome show, but it is one that is being produced for IHS Services, Inc.

What are we focused on? How can we move forward in the hardest times?

This podcast is written by David C. Bloom and narrated by Jonathan Bloom.

Release Schedule: We plan to release a new episode every two weeks on Wednesday.

Other Shows

The Tony D. Zone

Tony D. is my twin brother. He has been making videos since 2006. He started up a podcast called The Tony D. Zone.

I am helping Tony out with his show. He has it edited by The Editor Guy, who used to be The News Banner Guy on The 7 O'Clock News.

Release Schedule: Tony D. has never been one for consistently getting content out. He does not know when he will release an episode.